Prashidigitech eCard: Meet The New-Age Contactless Modern Business Card

At Prashidigitech, we help you design eCards that you can use to express yourself in ways you’ve never thought of before. At Prashidigitech, we help you design eCards that you can use to express.

How Our Virtual Business Card Actually Works?

At Prashidigitech, we create the best digital business card that will allow businesses or brands to engage, interact or communicate all their relevant information to worldwide customers directly on Smartphones, Tablets, or even Desktops in just simple clicks!

Switch To People Card

Our People Card- allows you to build a solid network with your business partners, potential clients, and masses instantly.

Seamless Sharing

Connecting with the right people has never been easier with the inbuilt-sharing feature that allows instant sharing from anywhere.

Simple Interaction

It’s now more simple to change your business information and provide updates about them straight to your prospective clients.

Prashidigitech Business Card: Your Trustable Environmental-Friendly Marketing Tool!

It’s about time we go contactless in this new normal. In this age of mobile, a positive yet small digital change can put all your business information on one page and send it directly into your customer’s hand. Let us create a customizable social business platform using distinctive design, compelling typography, and striking colors. The B2B Digital Visiting Card is the next “BIG” clever marketing tool that puts your business and brand together digitally in one safe place!

Prashidigitech eCard: The Future Lies Here

Handshakes and paper business cards are now a thing of the past, and eCards have become the norm. Use eCards and be the forward-looking and progressive business that you look up to. Handshakes and paper business cards are now a thing of the past, and eCards have become the norm. Use eCards and be the forward-looking and progressive business that you look up to.

Digital eCards: Greener and Safer than a Piece of Paper

  • Sending your business cards digitally will prevent cutting down millions of trees to produce papers.
  • No toxic chemicals, No manufacturing required, No shipping required- Creating digital cards can be sent to your friend and business partners directly at no extra cost.
  • More than 80 percent of the printed visiting cards go unnoticed and go to the dustbin.
  • Digital ecards are all about ease- easy to download, easy to use, and easy to transfer information.
  • You never run out of business cards as everything is digital.

Discuss All Your Digital Requirements With Us Today!

We respect your time, hence will get you the best ecards for business depending on your business needs and requirements while providing you with a unique virtual business card experience that you could have never imagined before.

Prashidigitech eCard: One Card, Multi-Fold Growth

It’s not just any mainstream printing or visiting card. Our feature-rich electronic cards for business give you an endless business opportunity while exposing your business to more people. From boosting your events ROI to fostering innovations, earn high margins by connecting business and people right away!

BenefitsTraditionalPrashidigitech E-Card
Contact Information Storage
Social Media Integration
Product/Services Videos & Graphics

One Card, Endless Possibilities

No matter whether you are a freelancer wanting to build a compelling portfolio or an aspiring entrepreneur looking to promote business, get flexible business card solutions from our smart digital business card website to evolve with time.


Get your personalized business e-Card and make sure that you no longer have to spend additional money to update your existing visiting card each time you add a new feather to your cap.

Small Business Owners

Explore the wide-ranging possibilities of the Prashidigitech e-Card to navigate your way through the cut-throat competition in your industry and establish new contacts every day.

Large Entrepreneurs

Give your already established enterprise the leverage it needs to take the upper-hand in today’s competitive business environment with Prashidigitech e-Card and watch your business grow every day.

Our Pricing

Our budget-friendly approach allows everyone to meet their needs and fits their budget creating the smart business digital cards that they actually deserve.

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Social Media
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Prashidigitech: Offering You More Than Just a Card!

Are you running out of business cards? Invest your time, money, and effort in creating virtual result-oriented business cards from creative digital business card makers like us. We help you create a space and let your brand or logo reach straight into your customer’s phone with ease. Here what other things we can do:

24/7 Customer Support

You can easily follow up with our experts 24/7 to find solutions to simple or complex questions.

Full Statistics

You can comfortably check real-time visitors or social activity from anywhere and at any time.

Save Time and Money

You can effortlessly manage, edit or change all information related to your business in a matter of seconds.

Corporate Branding Page

You can set companies logos, colors or make data changes from time to time for all your cards.