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“Accenture has the talent, experience and insight to design and implement innovative experiences that will excite our fans, our tenants and the public, while defining a new standard for community-centered sports and entertainment facilities.”

— RICK WELTS, President and COO – Golden State Warriors

An MVP caliber fan experience

As the Golden State Warriors settle into the new Chase Center, Accenture is taking point in reimagining the fan experience.

The play by play
The Golden State Warriors are one of the most celebrated basketball teams — both on and off the court. Considering their back-to-back NBA championships, it’s easy to see why they have one of the strongest fan bases in the NBA.

How could they give fans the greatest experience in their new home, and go from a basketball team to a media and entertainment powerhouse? By leveraging new technologies and partnerships to transform the core of the Warrior’s business.

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